Magician for corporate events

Based in London, corporate Magician transforms normal corporate gatherings into unforgettable experiences. Comedy entertainer shares magic at private parties, as well as company picnics, trade shows, corporate banquets, seminars, and conferences throughout UK and the surrounding area.

The real magic is not in his exceptional sleight-of-hand, but in corporate magician’s ability to make adults feel like children again. Imagine an audience removed from the troubles of the world, laughing and clapping as unexplained events unfold and clever humor flies.

Wood’s performances engage even the most jaded and well-traveled, entertaining not with cheesy puzzles and goofy one-liners, but with dazzling eye candy and astonishing mind mysteries.

Contrary to many of his peers, he is inspired by the elegant, intimate performances of magic during the turn of the twentieth century. Far from the glitz of London showgirls or the bawdy buskers of street fairs, parlor magicians delighted high society with theatrical presentations at small gatherings. Please contact Magician for corporate events today.

wildlife photography

Different Genres Of Photography

In the age of smartphone era, everyone tends to take photography wherever they go and whatever they see. Photography became a normal practice on a daily day to day life. So let’s see some different genres of Photography.

genres of photography

# Aerial Photography:
As soon as you get into the flight you will try to capture the landscape or the city which is seen below, So the pictures that you capture from the higher positions is called as an aerial photography. Also when you take a picture of the small town from the high mountains, it also comes under the category of the aerial photography.

# Architectural Photography:
Architectural photography usually involves the capturing of the beautiful buildings, architectural structures around the world. As an architectural photographer, you will face the challenges of lighting and image distortion. As a professional photographer, you should learn to use the natural lighting in favor of you to take better photos.

# Candid Photography:
This is a very popular type of photography. Moments that are captured simultaneously as they happen is called as a candid photography. This type of photography involves the capturing of subjects in the more casual way. To get the better candid snaps you can use the long lens.

# Food Photography:
In recent days restaurants and hotels started promoting their brand by the attractive food photography. Customers get attracted by creative food photography. Using the natural light in favor of you is the crucial factor in the food photography.

# Photojournalism:
This type of photography is similar to the documentary genre. Photojournalism is the concept in which the photo will tell the story of the incident or any scenario. Photojournalism is not meant to capture the unplanned events instead it is the process of capturing some critical events by perfectly planning.


# Wildlife photography:
Wildlife photography mostly involves the outdoor photography, in which you will capture the subjects from being in moving objects like vehicles or by hiding yourself behind some structures or by shooting the subject from long Shots.

Thus coming to photography, there are still more lots of genres in which you can evolve the skills to become an expert. You can become the professional in Photography only by the repeated practice and the experimentation.


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quick wasters

Remove Waste From Congestion Zone In London

It is important to clear rubbish and waste in order to have a spotless and clean environment.  It is also important to choose the right service provider according to your various needs and requirements to do this for you.

One of the best service providers in London is ‘Quick wasters.

quick wasters

Quick wasters

Quick wasters are a licensed company that pride themselves in their professionalism and services they offer in wastage collection and recycling. Quick wasters deal with house clearance, garden clearance, commercial clearance, building waste, and office clearance. They go by motto ‘we collect and recycle for you’ and offer to provide quality service at competitive pricing.

They have been in the market for three years and hire stuff that know the city and fully trained and equipped to do the work. They have vans that allow them to arrive on time to get the work done.
quick wasters

Benefits of quick waters


  • Quick wasters have competitive and affordable prices. They are able to work with you within a fixed price of your choice according to the volume of wastage you have.
  • Quick wasters are also skilled in making a personalized program that works for you at no additional cost.
  • They will give you a quote beforehand that will enable you to plan your budget prior to do the day of collection
  • They are insured and therefore you are assured of coverage for both and the staff in case if any injuries or accidents.
  • You are able to send a photo of your waste to them and they will be able to give you a quotation and collection requirements for the job.

Types of waste

Quick wasters have staff that is trained and well equipped to collect all types of different wastes in the city.

quick wastersCommercial waste

Quick wasters deal with commercial waste all over London and ensure to load, dispose and clean up for you at no extra charge.

They collect regular waste; destroy confidential documents, furniture, used equipment such as computers and old electronic items.

Residential waste

Quick wasters collect and recycle household making them the best ecofriendly waste collection company

They are able to collect old house furniture’s, electricals and old sinks and bathtubs.

They normally don’t require you to help out as they have staff to carry out the heavy lifting and loading of waste.

Building waste

Once the renovation and construction is done, quick wasters are the best team to call to clean collect and dispose of builders waste.

quick wasters

Garden waste

They are insured and approved by the environmental agency to clean and remove unwanted waste from your garden.Having staff trained in garden waste clearance, quick wasters ensure that the waste is disposed of in an environmental friendly way.

Office waste

Quick wasters provide a less destructive service when it comes to office clearance. You can also be assured of safe disposal of confidential paper work and recycling of the waste.


Quick wasters provide affordable prices with no extra costs for parking fees, fines or congestion charges. They only charge for extra labor which is normally not needed to the efficient stuff. Quick wasters also provide discounts for regular customers, builders or large jobs. They accept payment by credit cards and company cheques.


For more information or to contact them dial 0203 5380765/ 0800 567 7755 or email

Getting Rid of Waste at Home or at Work

It does not matter if you are at home or at the work place, unwanted waste can build up at a moments notice if you do not keep on top of it. This can cause a health hazard if left long enough. It can also cause obstructions and make life a little more difficult.

You will have a local collection for your household waste that you need to dispose of which will take a limited amount. If you own a business, it will be your duty to safely store, manage and dispose of any waste that the business produces. You will need the assistance of a waste removal company to regularly collect the waste and dispose or recycle in in an environmentally friendly
and safe manor.

The easiest way to do this is look online and start looking at local businesses near you. There should be plenty to choose from at various price ranges.

Look at referrals and testimonials from any past clients that have left some feedback. You can get some sort of idea of the company and how good their services are through this.

Avoid anyone that just has a mobile phone number and no address. This is a sign that it is not a real company and you may not be able to trace where your waste is going. This is important as legal company will give you a transfer note to prove you passed it on. If a person or firm flytip you waste because you did not use a law abiding company, you will be responsible any may have to pay the penalty for it.

You should type in something like Rubbish Removal in London or something similar for best results. Look at as many sites as you can to see which company suits your needs. A great example of what to look out for is Kwiksweep Rubbish removal in London

Access Control Systems for Business Premises

One of the surest ways to not just restrict who is entering in your business premises, but also monitor movements of other employees is by installing Access control systems. They also help restrict unauthorized persons from accessing some rooms. Come to look at it, these systems are a polite way of firmly dictating who comes in, who can’t. You also get to monitor employees who have a tendency of going in and out of the premises, washrooms, just to waste time during working hours. Often, access control systems go hand in hand with CCT V cameras. Some of these control systems will even register what tie man employee has reported to work, and notify you via Smartphone. You can thus manage your business remotely, literally.


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Access control systems can be broadly categorized into the below;

  • Visitor management systems
  • Smart card and biometric access control systems
  • Multiple site control solutions
  • Identity management solutions
  • Video and audio access control systems

The bigger picture is that by installing access control systems to your business premises, you are able to avert any theft, burglary, and such like incidents.  They act as deterrents to any would be intruder. Again, there are incidents of work harassment where some employees are bullied; other times it is about people who are assaulted at the work place either due to their gender or race. But when you have installed access control systems, you are able to keep track of such and actually prevent them from happening. This thus generally ensures the safety of all your employees, and all that’s in the premises.

Another thing to note is that when looking for an insurance company to cover your business premises, they will demand that you take as much care and caution to protect your business. For instance, when a theft occurs and the insurance agents show up at your premises, they will want to check the door locks you have installed, whether you have London CCTV installer for cameras installed, and so on so forth. In order to seal such loopholes, installing access control systems would be a good bet.

Lastly, we all know of guests and visitors who would pop up at a business premises without prior notice or appointment. To keep such unwanted persons away, people would rely on secretaries to say that the ‘boss is not around’, just to have them leave the reception area. But with access control systems, you automatically lock such persons out without offering any explanations!

How to Choose the Best Electrician

It is important that you take some time to choose a qualified electrician to work on your home or business premises. Choosing the wrong electrician can result to devastating consequences. Here are some tips to help you choose the best electrician for all your household work.

Insist to see a license and up to date insurance.

Always strive to go for the electrician with a valid license that permits him to work. A valid license is proof that the electrician has done all the required courses and practical work. More importantly, you are assured that he can safely work in your house without the fear of shoddy work that can result to grave consequences.

Work experience and qualifications.

Having a valid license is not enough for you to hire an electrician. You must put into consideration the extra qualifications that the electrician possesses. More so, choosing an electrician with many years of experience gives you an assurance that quality work will be done.

Does the electrician have any recommendations?

It is always advisable that you ask around for a good electrician if you don’t have one in mind. Seeking the opinion of a trustworthy friend will help you locate the best electrician for your job. An electrician with several recommendations is preferred since several people will have vouched for his competence.


Your safety and that of your family comes first. Don’t settle for anything less other than a fully qualified electrician in London for all your electric work.

How to Organise a House Move

A detailed plan is necessary for a flawless house move. With clear organization you will not have to worry about a house move. You can save yourself from the stress of losing goods, damage to goods and having to make many trips to complete the process.

Here are tips to organize a house move:

  • Dismantle furniture: Moving furniture as a whole can be cumbersome. For this reason ensure that you dismantle furniture in advance for example beds and seats. This is the only way you can save on space in the truck.
  • Rubbish and Waste: We all have stuff that we may want to get rid of as it is waste or can be recycled. You can deal with this yourself or get a reputable company to help you out. You can perform a search online by typing in something like rubbish removal company near me or be more exact with your location.
  • Get enough tape and straps for fastening: This is essential to properly secure boxes and fasten furniture frames on the moving truck. Otherwise there can be damage to your goods if they move about while on transit.
  • Get stickers for labeling boxes: Clearly label which box contains what items. Make every box stand out so that you don’t get mixed up. It is easier to unpack labeled boxes when you get to your destination.
  • Schedule with your moving company: Find out what time they are available for the move. Go for pickup and delivery time that sit in well with your availability.
  • Survival box: It is important to pack essentials you will need immediately you get to your new home. Upon arrival to a new home one is usually too exhausted to unpack every item; unpacking can be left for the next day if you packed a survival box. A survival box can contain food, blankets and pillows.

An in-depth moving plan enables you to move efficiently and affordably. A moving company or man and van for hire company cannot overcharge you if you have planned, packed and laid out everything you need.

What kind of Magic do magicians perform?

When most people hire a magician, they aren’t quite sure what to expect. You’re hiring an entertainer to perform magic at your special event, but what kind of tricks will they be doing?

Magic, like many other art forms, has various disciplines which all come under the broader category of ‘Magic’ or ‘Conjuring’. Most of the time we help clients to book top quality ‘close up’ entertainers to perform ‘Close up Magic’ at their event. They will mingle amongst the guests, meeting and greeting everybody and engaging with them by using their magic to create an amazing and unusual experience. All of our entertainers perform contemporary styled magic by using everyday objects to generate their impossibilities. Mind reading, vanishes, levitations and other mysteries are created using playing cards, coins, pens, keys, money, mobile phones and more. You have to see it to not believe it.

If you hire a children’s entertainer, you can expect them to perform with some weirder and wackier objects and to do fun tricks with the little ones, which are sure to excite and amaze them.

Contact magician london to find out more about the kind of magic tricks that our artists offer.

Diploma In Education And Training

Teacher training courses have trained over 2000 teachers over the last 20 years. These courses have made graduates who have been employed in over 50 countries worldwide. Including the UK. Our staff comprises of trainers who are highly experienced and have high qualifications Ana happy to discuss your needs as you plan the next step.

Diploma In Education And Training

The courses are very practical in nature. Under the guidance of your tutor you will spend the afternoon as either teaching students are observing your peers. SCCD Training Course time is set aside for the preparations of these lessons and your tutor will assist and guide you throughout your time with us. You will gain experience in teaching at 2 district levels.
The component of the course is designed to familiarize trainees with aspect of the English language. It focuses on English grammar and structure form meaning in context and the sound system of the English language. Candidates need to complete 4 written assignments which range from formal language analysis 2A study of teaching materials.


Applicants who work or might want to function as instructors/coaches in the further training and abilities division.

Applicants who have recently begun an educator/preparing part.

Instructors/mentors who are looking for vocation movement in their general vicinity of work.

Applicants who work with their learners on a coordinated premise.

Applicants who instruct in industry.

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Household Clearance Company before Renting Out the House

If you are considering cleaning out an entire house or just a particularly challenging portion of space, then you should opt to secure the services of a professional house clearance company. Below are the top 5 reasons why hiring a professional house clearance will ultimately be the best option for you.

  1. Timely and Convenient Service

A professional house clearance service provider will offer you their services at your convenience. This means that you can reserve house clearance services for a time that is most convenient to you. You might desire to be present during the exercise in order to provide additional instructions that were not communicated while reserving the service. It is important to note that with the frequent use of a certified and professional house clearance company, it becomes possible to reserve the service and have the clearance exercise conducted in your absence.

  1. Proper Equipment for Handling various Types of Household waste

Various items that can constitute the household waste cleared from your home need specialized equipment and procedures in their handling and eventual disposal. For instance, it is a lot easier to handle particularly bulky pieces of disused furniture by first disassembling them. Furthermore some of the items pose a considerable hazard to both individuals and the environment. A professional house clearance service provider will come equipped with the right tools for the job.

  1. Environmentally Sound Household Waste Disposal Practices

There are a number of practices that certified house clearance service providers employ to ensure that household waste is disposed in a manner that is friendly to the environment. Most of the items removed from your home will be reused or recycled the household clearances London.

  1. Conformity with Regulations on Proper handling and Disposal of Household Waste

Using a house clearance company saves you from the headaches that might arise from conforming to government imposed regulations on the handling and disposal of some forms of household waste. Certified house clearance service providers are familiar with the numerous industry defined prerequisites that apply to the various forms of household waste.

  1. Extra Services Offered as Part of a Comprehensive Package

Finally, professional house clearance service providers consider it as part of their mandate to offer additional services as part of the main service. These extra services include the extermination of various types of vermin that might be found in the space previously occupied with disused items which includes rats, termites, mosquito larvae and so forth.


All in all, hiring a professional house clearance service provider is the most logical approach to dealing with various forms of household waste by an house clearance company.