Access Control Systems for Business Premises

One of the surest ways to not just restrict who is entering in your business premises, but also monitor movements of other employees is by installing Access control systems. They also help restrict unauthorized persons from accessing some rooms. Come to look at it, these systems are a polite way of firmly dictating who comes in, who can’t. You also get to monitor employees who have a tendency of going in and out of the premises, washrooms, just to waste time during working hours. Often, access control systems go hand in hand with CCT V cameras. Some of these control systems will even register what tie man employee has reported to work, and notify you via Smartphone. You can thus manage your business remotely, literally.


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Access control systems can be broadly categorized into the below;

  • Visitor management systems
  • Smart card and biometric access control systems
  • Multiple site control solutions
  • Identity management solutions
  • Video and audio access control systems

The bigger picture is that by installing access control systems to your business premises, you are able to avert any theft, burglary, and such like incidents.  They act as deterrents to any would be intruder. Again, there are incidents of work harassment where some employees are bullied; other times it is about people who are assaulted at the work place either due to their gender or race. But when you have installed access control systems, you are able to keep track of such and actually prevent them from happening. This thus generally ensures the safety of all your employees, and all that’s in the premises.

Another thing to note is that when looking for an insurance company to cover your business premises, they will demand that you take as much care and caution to protect your business. For instance, when a theft occurs and the insurance agents show up at your premises, they will want to check the door locks you have installed, whether you have London CCTV installer for cameras installed, and so on so forth. In order to seal such loopholes, installing access control systems would be a good bet.

Lastly, we all know of guests and visitors who would pop up at a business premises without prior notice or appointment. To keep such unwanted persons away, people would rely on secretaries to say that the ‘boss is not around’, just to have them leave the reception area. But with access control systems, you automatically lock such persons out without offering any explanations!