What kind of Magic do magicians perform?

When most people hire a magician, they aren’t quite sure what to expect. You’re hiring an entertainer to perform magic at your special event, but what kind of tricks will they be doing?

Magic, like many other art forms, has various disciplines which all come under the broader category of ‘Magic’ or ‘Conjuring’. Most of the time we help clients to book top quality ‘close up’ entertainers to perform ‘Close up Magic’ at their event. They will mingle amongst the guests, meeting and greeting everybody and engaging with them by using their magic to create an amazing and unusual experience. All of our entertainers perform contemporary styled magic by using everyday objects to generate their impossibilities. Mind reading, vanishes, levitations and other mysteries are created using playing cards, coins, pens, keys, money, mobile phones and more. You have to see it to not believe it.

If you hire a children’s entertainer, you can expect them to perform with some weirder and wackier objects and to do fun tricks with the little ones, which are sure to excite and amaze them.

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