Diploma In Education And Training

Teacher training courses have trained over 2000 teachers over the last 20 years. These courses have made graduates who have been employed in over 50 countries worldwide. Including the UK. Our staff comprises of trainers who are highly experienced and have high qualifications Ana happy to discuss your needs as you plan the next step.

Diploma In Education And Training

The courses are very practical in nature. Under the guidance of your tutor you will spend the afternoon as either teaching students are observing your peers. SCCD Training Course time is set aside for the preparations of these lessons and your tutor will assist and guide you throughout your time with us. You will gain experience in teaching at 2 district levels.
The component of the course is designed to familiarize trainees with aspect of the English language. It focuses on English grammar and structure form meaning in context and the sound system of the English language. Candidates need to complete 4 written assignments which range from formal language analysis 2A study of teaching materials.


Applicants who work or might want to function as instructors/coaches in the further training and abilities division.

Applicants who have recently begun an educator/preparing part.

Instructors/mentors who are looking for vocation movement in their general vicinity of work.

Applicants who work with their learners on a coordinated premise.

Applicants who instruct in industry.

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