Magician for corporate events

Based in London, corporate Magician transforms normal corporate gatherings into unforgettable experiences. Comedy entertainer shares magic at private parties, as well as company picnics, trade shows, corporate banquets, seminars, and conferences throughout UK and the surrounding area.

The real magic is not in his exceptional sleight-of-hand, but in corporate magician’s ability to make adults feel like children again. Imagine an audience removed from the troubles of the world, laughing and clapping as unexplained events unfold and clever humor flies.

Wood’s performances engage even the most jaded and well-traveled, entertaining not with cheesy puzzles and goofy one-liners, but with dazzling eye candy and astonishing mind mysteries.

Contrary to many of his peers, he is inspired by the elegant, intimate performances of magic during the turn of the twentieth century. Far from the glitz of London showgirls or the bawdy buskers of street fairs, parlor magicians delighted high society with theatrical presentations at small gatherings. Please contact Magician for corporate events today.