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Different Genres Of Photography

In the age of smartphone era, everyone tends to take photography wherever they go and whatever they see. Photography became a normal practice on a daily day to day life. So let’s see some different genres of Photography.

genres of photography

# Aerial Photography:
As soon as you get into the flight you will try to capture the landscape or the city which is seen below, So the pictures that you capture from the higher positions is called as an aerial photography. Also when you take a picture of the small town from the high mountains, it also comes under the category of the aerial photography.

# Architectural Photography:
Architectural photography usually involves the capturing of the beautiful buildings, architectural structures around the world. As an architectural photographer, you will face the challenges of lighting and image distortion. As a professional photographer, you should learn to use the natural lighting in favor of you to take better photos.

# Candid Photography:
This is a very popular type of photography. Moments that are captured simultaneously as they happen is called as a candid photography. This type of photography involves the capturing of subjects in the more casual way. To get the better candid snaps you can use the long lens.

# Food Photography:
In recent days restaurants and hotels started promoting their brand by the attractive food photography. Customers get attracted by creative food photography. Using the natural light in favor of you is the crucial factor in the food photography.

# Photojournalism:
This type of photography is similar to the documentary genre. Photojournalism is the concept in which the photo will tell the story of the incident or any scenario. Photojournalism is not meant to capture the unplanned events instead it is the process of capturing some critical events by perfectly planning.


# Wildlife photography:
Wildlife photography mostly involves the outdoor photography, in which you will capture the subjects from being in moving objects like vehicles or by hiding yourself behind some structures or by shooting the subject from long Shots.

Thus coming to photography, there are still more lots of genres in which you can evolve the skills to become an expert. You can become the professional in Photography only by the repeated practice and the experimentation.


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