Knowing More About Jazz Café

Jazz café is a music place where it showcases different performers from its different genre such as hip-hop, blues, reggae, neo-soul, soul, Latin, and electronica. Jean Marshall and John Dabner found the origin of jazz café. In the year 1980’s at the Newington Green, Stoke Newington and was moved at the Camden Town in the year 1990.

Throughout its history, Jazz café had several owners, which The Columbo Group is the present owner. They are also hosting parties like birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, and any other event that you want. They have a mezzanine level, which is suitable for intimacy and exclusive; it is also perfect for a group of 15 to 150 pax. It is an ideal drink area which you can enjoy your club night.

At Jazz Café, they offer complete table service to keep your drinks flowing. They have a DKJ’s, which is different each week. You can always check who their DJ is for the week by visiting their website. It has 420 patron capacities, and its first floor is their restaurant, which is a perfect view to enjoy the event.

If you like clubbing or you want to unwind, come and enjoy at Jazz Café, They have various offers from drinks, different genre that you wish to and for your party bookings. Always remember that you need to purchase a restaurant ticket that includes the entrance to the live show to make a reservation. Their venue opens at 7 pm for their evening shows. They have an age requirement of 18+, and you must bring a valid ID for validation. They only accept national ID, driving license, and passports for the type of ID.

If you are considering availing their promo, you are always free to visit their website for more selections and inquiries. You can see on their site, which is their Guest of the day and for the following days and months. And also you can pick what type of reservation that will suit you. So what are you waiting on? Come and let’s enjoy the jazz ambiance.