Bath Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Cafe is a very comfortable licensed cafe with individual Kingsmead Square in the beautiful city of Bath, serving fantastic English breakfasts, lunches, filled ciabattas, pittas, tortillas, pots of tea, espresso, latte, toasted teacakes and other favourite dishes every day.

People tell us they really like the atmosphere in the Jazz Cafe and we do too. Full, half full or even when closed, the cafe space has a good feel about it.

We like Jazz. We play a wide variety of recorded Jazz music at a reasonable volume throughout the day. We also have Live Jazz evenings, limited to 3 musicians due to space. Please see the Live Jazz page for details.

The Jazz Cafe is available for hire for private parties, afternoon children’s parties or early evening gatherings. Please contact us with your requirements.

There are various photos of the cafe on the Image Gallery page. Once there, click on a thumbprint to enlarge.
Our opening times are:

Monday to Saturday        8.30am – 5pm

Sunday                          10.30am – 4pm

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Bath Jazz Cafe