Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is located at the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana and Jazz Place. The building was connected with a record label, house band, and non- profit foundation. Larry Borenstein founded it and managed.

He invites the local jazz musicians to play for some tips and to attract customers. As time flies, music has drawn more attention to the customer. Later on, Borenstein turned over its management to Barbara Reid and Ken Grayson Mills and called it Preservation Hall.

Preservation has a Preservation Hall Foundation which has 501 organizations. They are dedicated to helping for educational initiatives. They provide some private lessons to the aspiring musicians, especially the youths, and coordinate with the New Orleans Jazz musicians, Jazz Band, and also present workshops. It was launched in the year 2011 to preserve the musical tradition and legacy of the Preservation Hall.

The Preservation Hall now is not only to unwind but also for wedding and other private events. Every night they present bands from a current 100+ local master for the traditional Jazz Musicians, acoustic concerts. Their musicians today are related to the original players; some are by blood, and the others are connected through the power of the tradition.

Here are some of their regular band and performers at the Preservation Hall:

  • Will Smith
  • Darryl Adams
  • Tommy Sanction
  • Maynard Chatters
  • Gregg Stafford
  • Shannon Powell
  • Charlie Gabriel
  • Joel Lastie
  • Rickie Monie
  • Pres Hall Jazz Band
  • Ronell Johnson

Preservation Hall operating hours started at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pm exempting Holidays and special events. They have five different, 45-minute performances every night. They are open to all ages, and their venue is suitable for 100 people enough for the bench and with floor cushions seating of 40 pax and they also have remaining space ideal for standing room. They also served food inside, but they did not allow food from the outside; however, they welcome to bring your beverage only if it is in a plastic container, and no glass container is allowed. They have a casual dress code.